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Related post: Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2009 10:07:20 -0500 From: numlfl Subject: The Rich Little Home Builders - Part Three This story is the property of the author. You may keep a copy on your computer for personal enjoyment, however if you wish to publish or distribute the story then you must get the permission of the author.The Rich Little Home Builders Part ThreeBy Chris "Are you sure?" Daphne asked as her fingers brushed the hair from Christine's eyes. "Yea, I'm sure..." Christine said as she felt her heart pounding within her chest. Daphne gave her a reassuring smile as she began move her head forward. Christine felt her body tensing up the closer that Daphne's face got closer to her. Christine was about to reach out to stop her when she saw Daphne's lips move upward where they kissed her on the forehead. Daphne moved her right hand up and Christine felt it touch her cheek. She felt the back of Daphne's fingers caress her cheek then they went to her hair combing through it. Christine saw Daphne moving again then she felt her left hand under the right side of her russian girls nude pics cheek holding it. Daphne's fingers of her right hand continued to stroke her hair and caress her cheek. Daphne wasn't saying a word but her touches were calming her much more than any words could. Christine was gazing into Daphne's eyes which showed their love and affection. Daphne moved her face forward again and while Christine felt her body tensing but not as much. This time Daphne kissed her on the tip of her nose making Christine wrinkle it and giggle a little serving to release some of her fear. Daphne moved back and continued with the caressing of her fingers as they went through Christine's hair and around her face. A moment later, Christine felt Daphne's hand curl behind the back of her head. Then she felt a slight pressure to move her head forward. She knew that this time Daphne meant to kiss her lips. Christine was still scared but not so much. She let Daphne move her head forward until their lips were almost touching then Daphne stopped the gentle pressure she was applying. Christine felt Daphne's breath against her lips and she could see that Daphne was waiting on her. It had to be her decision. Christine held still, letting the seconds tick past until she had the courage to do what she most wanted to do. Once she decided what road to take on her lifelong journey, she felt free to do what she wanted to do. She eased her head forward those last few millimeters until she felt her lips touch Daphne's lips. Christine felt like her head was going to explode from the sensations she was feeling from her lips. The kiss was long and soft as Daphne just used her lips to kiss her. Christine brought her hands from her sides putting them on Daphne's shoulders as they kissed. Daphne slowly ended the kiss and as their lips parted, Christine moaned out, "Oh god..." Daphne smiled at her and then she kissed her nose again. She then eased her onto her back as she moved over her so that their hips were pressed together and Daphne chest was over Christine's chest. Christine did put her hands on Daphne's shoulders preventing her from kissing her again. "I need to go slow..." "I know baby, we're going to go real slow." Daphne said as she kissed her on the tip of her nose again. hot free russian girls Christine gave her a nervous smile as she felt her heart beating so hard that she thought it was going to burst. Then when she saw Daphne's head start to come down, she felt her heart pounding even harder. She was sure that she was going to have a heart attack but she didn't. When Daphne's lips touched hers again, Christine put her hands to the back of Daphne's shoulders gripping them as Daphne kissed her. She felt Daphne's lips part slightly and Christine opened hers a little too. The kiss became even more intense for her. She felt her pussy begin to get moist and her nipples became hard. Nature began to take over for her and she finally relaxed completely. She opened her lips more and she felt Daphne's tongue enter her mouth. Her own tongue seemed to know what to do as it moved forward to meet Daphne's tongue. Their tongues caressed each other within Christine's mouth and as Daphne raised her head ending this kiss, Christine let her tongue follow Daphne's tongue until they stopped touching. "Oh god that was wonderful, why didn't you kiss me before now." Christine said as she had to let out a giggle. "You silly fool," Daphne said then she kissed her lightly on the lips. Christine then turned serious as she said, "I'm sorry that I rejected you before..." Daphne stopped her with another brief kiss, "It's okay darling; I know this wasn't an easy decision for you. So it's cool." "Thank you, I'm glad that you understand." Christine said as she used her fingers to caress Daphne's face. "Now how about more kissing?" She said with a giggle. "I think you've turned into a nymphomaniac." Daphne told her with a big smile. Christine giggled as she felt her face blushing. She wasn't sure what to say but Daphne saved her by kissing her again. This time Daphne's lips were quick to open and Christine had hers open just as quickly. Their tongues moved from one of their mouths to the other. Christine could feel Daphne's breasts rub against her breasts and she could feel that Daphne's nipples were hard too. Christine felt her pussy getting wet and she wanted to rub it or better yet have Daphne rub it but she wasn't ready for that yet. She was content for lots of kissing tonight. Daphne was a very good kisser and Christine hoped that she was hot russian wife catching on quickly. Christine put her hands to Daphne's back holding onto her tightly. Daphne would make a kiss last long time then she went for a series of short kisses before going back to a long deep passionate kiss. They lay there and kissed until they were out of breath. Christine gave Daphne a last kiss then she pulled her back down so that Daphne's head was lying on her chest. "Hold me tightly tonight..." Christine whispered to her. "I plan on it." Daphne replied and Christine felt her give her a squeeze which made her feel so good. Soon she heard a soft snore from Daphne russian girls sexi which made her smile. Christine closed her eyes and this time her mind let her sleep. "Morning babe," Christine heard as she opened her eyes the next morning. She found that she was looking up into Daphne's light green eyes. "Morning," Christine said then she felt Daphne's lips upon hers. Christine let out a moan as she felt Daphne's body moving against hers. "That's a nice way to start out the morning." Christine said as the kiss ended. "It is, isn't it?" Daphne said as she gave her a big smile and another kiss. "I would love to do this all morning however..." Christine said as she big her lower lip. "Yea, I know that however..." Daphne said smiling. "You go first." She said as she rolled off of her. "You don't mind?" She said as she sat up. "No go ahead." Daphne said as she put her hands behind of her head. Christine got on up and started to head toward the bathroom when she heard Daphne say, "Beside it gives me a chance to see that cute ass of yours." Christine stopped reaching behind her and she felt the back of her shirt was folded up under itself thus showing off her bare ass since she wasn't wearing any panties. Christine felt herself blushing as she naked russian girl said, "Oh you!" She went on into the bathroom without pulling her shirt down as she liked the compliment and it made her feel good that Daphne wanted to see her ass. Christine used the bathroom as quickly as she could but she did take a moment to brush her teeth and brush out her hair a little, getting it halfway back in place. Her panties were now dry so she put them on before opening the door to go out. Daphne gave her a quick kiss in passing as she zipped into the bathroom. Christine put her shirt on then she opened the door a crack. She saw that their bags of clothes were there. She reached out carefully and pulled them in. She saw that they were indeed clean and smelled so fresh. She saw a note on top, thanking them both for the money. She put this aside and then she separated out hers and Daphne's clothes. She heard the toilet flush and then the sink running as Daphne brushed her russian nude 16 teeth. Daphne came out a few minutes later wearing just her panties from the night before, "Oh I see our clothes are back from the cleaners." "The "cleaners" name is Sharon and yes they are." Christine said giving Daphne an irritated look as she russian nonude girls didn't like the young lady addressed as "the cleaners" though she could have been heard saying the same thing before. "Sorry, I didn't mean it that way." Daphne said sincerely. "Yes you did but then so would have I until I read her note about the money we left her." Christine said as she handed it to Daphne to read which she did so aloud. "Thank you so much for the extra money. Rita was getting real low on diapers and milk and she doesn't get paid for another week and this will get her through the week. I'm give her as much money as I can but I want to one day go to college and get a job that will pay enough to help us all out. If you want, I'll do your laundry Friday night and have it back Saturday morning before you all leave. No charge this time, you have russian girls sex porno done enough already. Thanks again, Sharon." "Well we're going to pay her for it." Daphne told her. "I know we are and we're going to get her money to go to school." Christine said. "We are?" Daphne said as she picked up a clean bra, putting it on. "Yes we are." Christine said firmly as she put her jeans on. "And how we going to do that?" Daphne asked "I don't know but we will." Christine told her. Daphne came over, sitting beside of her, "Christine, we're going to meet a lot of poor people that deserve better than what they have but we can't help them all." "Why can't we?" Christine asked and she saw Daphne wanting to come back with something however she was struggling to do so. Christine decided to strike while the iron was hot, russian brides hot "You've got a trust fund don't you?" "Yes,,, but..." Daphne said. "How much money is in it?" Christine asked. "I don't know, it adult russian cam has lots of investments in it, the lawyers take care of it." Daphne told her. "So it has more money in it than you can spend right?" Christine said. "Yea it does..." Daphne said before Christine butted in again. "The last time I checked, mine had several hundred million in it so when I find someone that deserves help this summer them I'm going to find a way to help. And I want your help." Christine told her. Daphne took her hand and gave it a squeeze, "You got my help, just let me know what you want me to do." Christine grinned at her then gave her a kiss on the cheek, "Thanks," she said softly. She leaned back and went on with her thoughts, "I think we set up a spreadsheet, writing down who we meet and what they need. Then at the end of the summer we'll figure out how to help them." "And what will our parents say?" Daphne asked her. "I don't know about you but my parents get a report on everything that I do with it." "Mine did too... until I turned 18 and then it was mine to spend. I bet yours is set up the same way. Most trusts are." Christine told her. "I didn't think about that. I'll email my lawyer and find out." Daphne said as she jumped up to get her phone. She returned to Christine's side and logged onto the internet through her phone. She then typed in the short email and sent it. "We should know shortly." Daphne declared. "You think that your lawyer will answer it today?" Christine asked. "Well since my father is head of the bank his firm banks at then yea, I would say that he will answer it. I bet if you emailed your lawyer today, you'd get an answer back today." Daphne said. "Probably but I'm going to give him the day off, I'm not like russian sex pics you and Bud, I'm not a slave driver." Christine told her and she saw Daphne's face go red at being compared to Bud. "You bloody well better take that back, I'm not like Bud in the least." Daphne said as she leaned over toward Christine. "Hey I just call them like I see them." Christine said as she tried not to smile but she let a little one escape before she turned her face serious again. Daphne's face lightened a bit however she pressed on. "Take it back or I'm going to have to hurt you." Daphne said as she stood up in front of Christine. "I thought that you could take the truth but I guess you're just a pussy." Christine said as she started to stand up but Daphne put her hands on her shoulders pushing her back down on the bed. Then she jumped on top of her sitting on her stomach and pinning her shoulders to the bed. "Now take it back!" she demanded. Christine knew that she was bigger and a little stronger than Daphne so she could get her off however she really didn't want to. She liked Daphne being on top of her so she egged it on, "Nope and there's nothing you can do about it." "You don't think so?" Daphne said as she released Christine's shoulders but then she entwined her fingers with hers. "No I don't." Christine said with a big smile. Daphne sat there for a couple of minutes and Christine saw a big smile come to Daphne's face. It was a smile she didn't like as it meant that Daphne had something in mind that she wouldn't like. "What if I refuse to give you any more kisses?" "You wouldn't!" Christine said surprised as Daphne's quick thinking. "Oh yes I would." Daphne said proudly of her threat. She tried to think of a comeback but she couldn't at first then she thought of calling her bluff or what she hoped was a bluff. "Well I don't like your kisses anyway so it's not like I'd be missing anything." "Oh is that so?" Daphne said as she leaned forward pinning Christine's hands to the bed beside of her head. "Yes it is." Christine said but then Daphne came down closer so that her lips were mere inches from her own lips. "Are you sure that you can resist my kisses?" Daphne asked as she lips got even loser. pink lesbian russians "Yea... I... am..." Christine stammered as she stared into Daphne's pretty eyes. "I don't know... you don't seem as russian no nude sure as you were a minute ago." Daphne said going even closer with her lips. "I... I'm... sure..." Christine said but every fiber in her body was disagreeing with her. "I russian daughter porn don't know..." Daphne said as she stuck her tongue out and ran it along Christine's lips. "No fair..." Christine said as she knew that Daphne had her. "So take it back and you'll never get another kiss." Daphne told her. "You're not like Bud." Christine said. "That's what I thought." Daphne said as she lay down on top of her and she gave her that kiss that she was now dying for. As their lips touched, Christine felt Daphne release her hands. Christine put her hands to Daphne's back drawing her in close as Daphne slipped her hands under Christine's back. The kiss lingered with Daphne keeping her lips closed as she was lightly kissing her. Christine was content for a russian boys free photos moment then she wanted more. She was waiting for Daphne to open her lips and when she didn't Christine took it upon herself, opening her own lips. This seemed to be what Daphne was waiting for as she pushed her tongue into Christine's mouth. russian girls sex fuck Christine let out a moan as she met that tongue with her own. She pulled Daphne down upon her harder as she felt her body responding to the kiss. Her body seemed to be operating on its own accord as she wrapped her legs around Daphne's waist. Her tongue was now in Daphne's mouth russian girl porn pic and she was sucking on it causing Daphne to moan loudly. Her desires were coming at her head on and she couldn't stop them, even if she wanted to, which she didn't. However she was given a reprieve as she nude russian contortionists heard Daphne's stomach growl loudly. Christine couldn't help herself as she giggled as Daphne raised her head up and Christine saw that Daphne's face was beet red. "I think someone's hungry." She said still giggling. She loosened her legs up letting them fall to the bed. "I think I just spoiled that moment didn't I?" Daphne said as she frowned. "No, it's cool, I needed to stop anyway. Besides that I'm starving." Christine said telling a little white lie. "You sure?" Daphne asked. "Yep, I'm sure." Christine said as she pushed her head up giving her a quick kiss. She then pushed Daphne off of her. She got up and stepped away, "Besides I don't like necking with a slave driver like you." She said then she preten shock russian sprinted toward the bathroom closing the door before a screaming Daphne could get to her. "You've got to come out of that bloody bathroom sooner or later and when you do, I'm so going to kick your bloody arse." Daphne told her. "Okay, you're not a slave driver." Christine said laughing. "You're still naturist russian girls going to get your bloody arse busted." Daphne warned her. Christine laughed as she opened the door and she stuck her ass out first. "Go for it." She told her. Daphne gave her a hard pop on the right ass cheek. "Ouch that hurt." Christine said as she straightened up rubbing her ass. "It was supposed to." Daphne told her. "Now let's go get something to eat." Daphne then gave her a kiss as she took her hand. As they entered the diner, the rest of the group was leaving to go to church. They offered to take them along but they both politely declined. They sat in a corner booth and ordered a big breakfast. They talked about how they could go about helping the people that they would meet. Daphne didn't want russian men porn to just give them money; it had to be different from that. These people didn't need a straight handout but rather a helping hand. They spend their time eating, going over different things. Christine suggested a trust fund that they could all draw from and that sounded the most promising but that would take some work and also involve a lawyer of some type. After breakfast, they walked around for a russian kids photos sex while just talking. Then they returned to the room and Christine got out her laptop. She set up a spread sheet to log down everyone that might need their help and then out from their names what they thought they would need. The first name that went in was Rita for whom they were building the house and then Sharon, her sister. "So what do you want to do now?" Daphne asked as she hung up from talking to her parents. "I don't know, I was thinking of that as you were talking." Christine said as she had finished her call home just before Daphne had. "It's not like there's much to do around here that's for sure." Daphne said as she put her phone onto charge. "Yea, I sort of figured that out, so what you want to do?" Christine asked. "Hey I asked you first." Daphne told her smiling at her. "I know." Christine said with a laugh. Then she thought for a minute before saying, "I don't know if you want to do this but how about us walking down to the house and look at it." "We porn russian kiddie girls just spent a week there and we're going to spent all of the coming week there. Why would you want to go russian christian singles see it now?" Daphne asked her. "Because I've been working so hard on different parts, that I don't really know what it looks like." Christine explained. "Yea, your right, let's go and then we can stop on the way back and get something to eat." Daphne said. "You're already hungry, we just ate a couple of hours ago." Christine asked. "No but by the time we walk there, look around for a while and then walk back, it'll be dinner time and we'll both be hungry." Daphne told her. "Oh I didn't think about that. It's a good walk there isn't it." Christine replied as she blushed a little. "Yes it is so let's get going." Daphne replied. They took their time walking there, stopping to get a bottle of water as it tiny russians nudes had turned into a warm afternoon. They talked a little about the house then the elizabeth russian tsarina conversation went to college at their respective choices. When they arrived, they stopped to look at the outside first. When they had first started to work on the house, Christine thought that the house looked like that it was going to be a rather small house and it got smaller as the sides and roof went up. She had been raised in rather large houses so by comparison this house was tiny. But once they had gone inside, she saw that it was bigger than she first thought however for five people, it wasn't going to be anyway near big enough or so Christine thought and Daphne seemed to agree. "Did you hear something?" Christine asked as they were looking around one of the back bedrooms. "No did you?" Daphne asked. "Is anyone here?" They both then heard a very country voice say. "Back here." Christine called out as she gave Daphne an "I told you so look". "Okay so you've got better hearing than me." Daphne hissed at her when Rita peeked around the corner. "I thought I heard voices when I came in, I was hoping that the house wasn't haunted already." She said with a laugh. Christine laughed with her as did Daphne, "Nope just us, we're the scout team looking to see if it is worth bringing in the ghosts and demons once you've moved in. "Well I don't need any ghosts and I've already got three little demons." Rita said with a laugh though it was a tired laugh all the same. "Speaking of Demons, where are they?" Daphne asked as she looked around Rita to see if there were any little heads peaking around the corner of the doorway. "Oh I talked Shoron into looking after them for a few minutes so I could look at the house in peace." Rita told them. "Well, we were just leaving. I hope you don't mind us taking a peek at it." Daphne told her as she started to leave. "Oh no, please stay. You can give me some ideas about what to do with all this room." Rita said as she went to the frame where the window would go and looking out. Christine looked over at Daphne who was looking at her and she could see that she was thinking the same thing. "I don't mean to disagree but with five people living here, it's not that big a house." "Honey, the girls, Sharon, and I are living in a one bedroom apartment with one bath. This is a mansion to me." Rita told her. "You definitely need this house and compared to that, I would have to agree that this house is a mansion." Christine said feeling bad about what she had said. "Sometimes I talk out of my rear end instead of my mouth." "It's okay, the apartment is all I can afford and still put food on the table for my girls. I want so much more for them and this house will help me give it to them. I have dreamed of a house like this since my husband died and we had to move into the little apartment." She said as the tears began to flow. Christine rushed to her wrapping the crying young woman in her arms as Daphne rubbed her back. "We're going to make this house perfect for you." She told her. "I'm sorry but I get emotional when I see this beautiful house." Rita said as xxx russian porno she pulled back from Christine and Daphne. She smiled at them as she looked around the room. Then she took both of their hands leading them out of the master bedroom. "Come on girls and help me decide what colors to paint the walls. I'm supposed to decide by tomorrow and this is the first time I have gotten to do that. Then once we're done, I'm bringing you home with me and fix you dinner. Nothing fancy but it is nutritious and it'll fill your bellies." She told them. "You don't have to feed us; how about Christine and I treating you and the girls to dinner at the diner." Daphne told her. "Oh no, I'm doing the cooking and you're doing the eating. As I tell my russian gurls girls, and that's the end of the discussion and they have learned that is when to shut up and do as I say." Rita told them and then she gave them that stern motherly look that told you it was time to back down. "In that case, we'll be glad to accept your invitation to dinner." Christine said smiling at her. kiddy russian "Good, besides you're paying for it as I spent the money you gave my sister russian incest bilder at the grocery store. And I hope you don't plan on giving her any more. You've done enough and the rest we'll earn on our own. We may be poor but we're also very proud. That is also the end of that discussion." Rita told them. "Honey, that line works great on your girls and it worked on us the first time you used it but we are also proud and stubborn and we tend to do as we think we should. So if there is extra money left in our dirty clothes when Sharon picks them up Friday night, yung russians you'll take it and use it on your girls. You'll need it to get started in your new house. And if sometime in the future Sharon finds that she had been awarded a scholarship to some school that she doesn't remember applying to; then she will accept it and work her ass off to make the grades to keep it. And that is the end of that discussion." Daphne told her. Christine stood back as Rita and Daphne stared at one another. She wasn't sure that Rita was someone that Daphne could stare down. Rita had been a fighter all her life and she would be until the day she died. After a couple of awkward moments Rita spoke, "Since this is for Sharon and she is a smart girl, much smarter than me russian photo sites and deserves a chance to be someone and not have to work to help support me and my girls. But that is the end of your help. The rest we can do on our own. I want my girls to learn that they have to work for what they get in this world. I know you both were raised with money and I mean no disrespect to you both as you're not what I would have expected of girls raised with golden spoons in their mouth. Helping these fine people to build us a house shows me who you really are." Christine heard the words but she had to correct Rita on one point, "I wish russian girls live nude I could say that we were those girls that you just described but we're not. We were girls that acted like we had been born with gold spoons in our mouth. And when we got here, we thought underground russian schoolgirl that we could do a little work and then let the rest of the people do the real work. However russian slut tits Bud had a different idea and when we met you and your girls, we sort of had a change of heart. We saw things that we had never seen before and we had our dignities challenged. We are still trying to become the girls that you think we are." "No you have become them and I hadn't planned on showing up when I did but Bud asked me to drop by earlier just so that you two could meet us. He thought that it would be of some benefit to you." Rita told them giving them that knowing smile. "That son of a bitch!" Daphne said aloud. "Daphne!" Christine said and Rita laughed. russian cunts "Well he is. He manipulated us." Daphne said aloud. "Before Bud decided to build us this house, he came down and talked to me and see just what type of person I was. He told me a little about himself as we talked. He grew up as poor as I did but he worked his ass off to start a construction business that his sons run now. And he builds houses for people like him who need a hand up. He may seem like an asshole to you sometimes but he is an angel from heaven to me and my girls. And you both could learn a lot from him." Rita told them. "He's still a son of a bitch." Daphne said defiantly. "Yes he is but he is a good son of a bitch." Rita corrected russian mom boy porn her. "He may be and I'll listen to him but that doesn't mean that I'm going to take any crap from him." Daphne told russian strippers anchorage alaska them both. "Oh I wouldn't either; he needs a couple of young women to give him some grief." Rita told them. "Oh that we can and will do that," Christine said before Daphne could, then she changed the subject back to the colors of the walls. "So I think beige would look good in the living room." Christine said. "Oh Beige is so bloody boring." Daphne threw up her arms in disgust moaning loudly as both Rita and Christine laughed at her dramatics. "How about passion purple," Daphne suggested. "Oh god you and Joanie have the same taste, that's what she wants for her bedroom." Rita told them. "Not to put your daughter down but she has just as bad taste hot russian girl porn in picking colors as my friend there." Christine said to Rita as Daphne stuck her tongue out at her. Rita laughed, "Now no fighting or you'll both get a time out." Rita told them as they all three laughed. They then began to seriously look at the rooms and decided what color each room should be. Daphne kept going after the wilder colors and while she didn't get what she wanted, she petite nude russian boys was able to influence Rita and Christine enough to go with something a little more colorful than Beige. When they were done, Rita took them out to her old seventies model Ford station wagon. Christine didn't think there were any of these cars on the road and she wasn't sure it was safe to ride in. She was kind of hoping it wouldn't start but it did. The motor purred to life and they were off. It ran a whole lot better than she would have ever dreamed and it got them to the old apartment building that Rita, Sharon and her girls lived in. They walked up the three flights of stairs to her apartment. When Rita opened the door to let them in, Christine saw that Sharon was in the middle of the floor with Diana and Joanie coloring in a coloring book with Becky crawling around and over them trying to get some attention. However when she saw who was coming in the door, she forgot all about her Aunt and sisters crawling not to her mother to be picked up but to Daphne. "I guess she just put me in my place." Rita said with a laugh as Daphne picked Becky up. "I'm sorry," Daphne said feeling embarrassed by Becky's action. "Oh it's cool. But since she went to you, you get to change her diaper." Rita said as she gave her baby a kiss on her cheek and took a whiff of her and cringed. Christine laughed at her but then Daphne, "Stop your laughing, you're going to help." "I am? She went to you not me sweetie." Christine said laughing. "I'll change it." Sharon said as she started to get up from the floor making Joanie and Diane protest. "No, we'll do it. Just show us where the diapers are." Daphne said and Rita took them back to the only bedroom in the apartment where there was a double bed and a crib stuffed in it. Then she went back out to check on her other two girls. "I can't believe that they all can live here. Now I really understand why Rita isn't sure what she'll do with all the room she'll have. I know the girls will love to have some space so that they can get out and run around and play." Daphne told her as she opened the diaper and found a nice smelly surprise. "Oh god; how can a little girl poop so much?" Christine asked as she held her nose. "Because she eats like a pig." Rita said from the doorway surprising them both. "I believe it." Daphne said as she pulled the diaper away and began to clean her up as Becky squealed and laughed like it was all a big game. "Yea she has a good appetite." Rita said as she came on in and she sat on the edge of the bed and played with her daughter as she was being cleaned and a new diaper put on her. gina russian nude "How do you keep this place as clean and organized with three girls?" Christine asked. "Well Diane and Joanie do a lot to help me. They're good girls when they're not fighting and arguing." Rita told them. "They do seem like they're well behaved. I'm not sure that I was ever that good at their age." Christine told her. "Oh they know when guests come over to be on their best behavior. I don't put up with them misbehaving when we have company. When it is just us, I let the fuss and argue until it gets on my nerves. Then I put an end to it real quick." Rita said with a laugh. Becky was now clean and freshly diapered and she reached out for Christine to get her. "Oh now I see, you go to her once you're clean." Daphne said as she pouted at the little girl who laughed at the face that Daphne was making at her. "Sure, she knows you're the expert at plumbing now." Christine said as she took Becky in her arms and led them out of the small bedroom. When they got to the living room, they saw Sharon and the other two girls in the kitchen fixing supper. They girls were helping and fussing with each other until Rita gave them the look and they quieted back down. Rita went in to help Sharon and the girls as Christine and Daphne kept Becky entertained. Soon Diana and Joanie came back into the living room having been relieved of their duties and they got Christine to help them color on the floor as Daphne played with Becky. Once Rita and Sharon had dinner ready, they all plied into the small kitchen to eat. They had to russian blonde suck sit hip to hip to fit around the table. Christine had Joanie beside of her as Daphne sat with Diana. Sharon and Rita sat at each end with Becky in the high chair beside of Rita. They all talked during the dinner which wasn't something that Christine was used to as around the dining room table, at home only one person talked and it was always polite conversation. Here there were several conversations going on at once. Even Becky tried to get in on the conversations however it was a bit hard to understand what her sounds meant but she didn't seem to mind. Christine had to help Joanie with her food getting the piece of chicken cut up though it was tender enough to cut with a fork. Christine knew that she was just after a little attention from her and she was happy to give it to her. Once dinner was over, Joanie and Diana went right to cleaning up the kitchen. Rita explained that it was their chore to do and they went right at it. Though there was a little fussing between them, they did get it done. This was something else new to Christine as they had always had maids to fix and clean up after dinner. She was happy that she never had to do things like that but at the same time she knew that she missed out on something there. It might have done her some good to have to wash dishes every night. She and Daphne stayed for another hour or so until it was time for the girls to start getting washed up. They thanked Rita for their dinner and the girls gave them a kiss goodbye. Then the girls were prompted to thank them for building them a new home. Sharon drove them home and Christine took this time to inquire just what Sharon wanted to study in college and where she wanted to go. Sharon told them that she wanted to become a nurse but she doubted that she would ever get the money or time to go. It was taking both hers and Rita's income to keep the small family going. "I think that we just got an education on how the other half of America lives." Christine said as they entered their small motel room. "Yea and the funny thing is that I always associated being poor as being unhappy but they were happy. Those girls didn't have much but they all russian sex the love that they will ever need." Daphne said as she sat down on the bed. "Yea, I have everything that I wanted as a child but you know... I envy those girls of the love that their mother gives them." Christine said as she sat beside of Daphne. "I know I feel the same way. I mean I know my parents love me but they never spent the time with me that Rita does with her girls even as she works two jobs." Daphne said with a sigh. "I just wonder just how much help they need or really want." Christine said. "Yea, I can now see why it is important to Rita that her girls earn what they get in this life and not have it handed to them like it was us." Daphne told her. "You know, listening to us talk, someone would think that we would have rather been born poor." Christine said with a little laugh. "I know so which childhood would you rather have, Diana's or the one you had?" Daphne asked. "Oh mine definitely though I wish my mother had been more like Rita, except for making me do the dishes." Christine said with a laugh. "You get Rita as a mother, you get the dishes, no matter how rich she is or isn't." Daphne said with a laugh. They laughed for a moment then Christine asked, "So you want the shower first?" "How about we both take our showers first." Daphne suggested. Christine thought for a moment as she looked at Daphne, then she said shyly, "Okay." Daphne smiled as she stood up, taking Christine by the hand, leading her into the bathroom. Once there, Daphne started the water then she turned to face Christine whose heart was beating a mile a minute. Daphne gave her a reassuring smile as she began to unbutton her shirt. Christine hesitated until she saw Daphne opening her shirt and she saw her plain white cotton bra. Christine brought her fingers up to the buttons of her own shirt and began to unbutton them. She tried not to stare at Daphne as she undid her jeans and began to push them down. She had her own shirt off by then and began to undo her own jeans. She felt her pussy begin to get moist and it got even wetter when Daphne unsnapped her bra and took it off. Christine concentrated on her own jeans getting them off. Then she unsnapped her bra and saw that Daphne watched as it came off. Her nipples betrayed her as they began to get hard, showing Daphne that she was becoming aroused. Daphne pulled her panties down leaving her naked. She gave Christine a reassuring smile then Christine pushed her own panties down stepping out of them. Daphne reached out to take her hand stepping the shower, pulling Christine in after her. She stepped up under the spray of the shower as she pulled Christine to her. Christine looked into Daphne's eyes as their bodies came together. She could feel Daphne's hard nipples pressing into her breasts and she closed her eyes as their lips came together. Christine moaned as she felt Daphne's tongue at her lips. She opened her mouth accepting the tongue, sucking on it as her hands went to Daphne's shoulders pulling her in close. She felt Daphne's hands slowly going up and down her back. Daphne pulled her lips away causing Christine to groan but the just turned her head to the opposite side and resumed the kissing. The water was running over both of their bodies as they kissed. Daphne's hands went down to Christine's butt pressing in on them. Christine moaned as she felt Daphne's pussy hair rub against her own. Christine wanted to move her own hands down to Daphne's ass but she couldn't so she left them at Daphne's shoulders. Daphne kept the kissing going for a few long minutes before she pulled back. "I think we had better wash before the hot water runs out." Daphne said as her voice came out more than a little husky. "Okay," Was all that Christine could say and it took her a little longer to finally release Daphne. Daphne got the shampoo and after wetting Christine's hair down, she washed it as Christine kept her eyes closed and her hands stayed on Daphne's hips gripping them tightly. Daphne's fingers massaging her scalp felt great and Christine got a shiver every time Daphne's breasts brushed against her arm or chest. Once Daphne was satisfied that Christine hair was clean, she put her under the water to rinse it. Then it was time to change places which caused them to come together and Daphne russians blowjobs took advantage of them being so close to give Christine a kiss or two. Christine got Daphne's hair wet then she picked up the bottle of shampoo putting some in the palm of her hand. Daphne smiled at her as she bent her knees so that Christine could easily reach her head. Daphne had her eyes closed as Christine began to wash her hair. Christine had her eyes wide open looking at Daphne's body and she so wanted to reach down to those lovely breasts that Daphne had however she managed to resist the urge. She forced herself to look only at Daphne's face which was set in a soft smile and she found that she now wanted to kiss those smiling lips. She knew that part of her new found urges were from long repressed desires but she also knew in her heart that she had fallen for Daphne. Everyone else she had desired, she had managed to repress but her desire for Daphne was more than just lust but also love. Christine didn't take as long on Daphne's hair as Daphne had on hers but still she took her time. Once Daphne rinsed her hair, she gave Christine a kiss then they both began to wash their own bodies. Seeing how the shower was so small there was still lots of unintended touching though Christine knew part of her brushing against Daphne was very much intended. They finished their showers, stepping out to dry their bodies and then their hair. When they were done, Daphne took Christine by the hand leading her out of the bathroom, bringing her over to her bed where she pulled the covers down. She helped Christine into the bed before turning off the overhead light. Christine watched Daphne walk to the door where the light switch was and she felt russian wife fucked the heart pounding. She had never gone to bed completely naked as before she had been wearing her panties when lying beside of Daphne. Now she was about to be naked with Daphne beside of her. Daphne made her way back to the bed, bending over to turn the alarm clock on and to turn off the light. Christine saw Daphne's breasts hanging down and they looked so desirable. Daphne littel russians photos free gave her a soft smile as she turned off the light and then she slipped in beside of her. Daphne rolled Christine onto her back and as she rolled on top of her, her fingers began to caress Christine's cheeks. Christine began to relax as Daphne lowered her head down until Christine felt Daphne's lips touch her lips. Christine moaned as Daphne began to kiss her as she let her fingers caress Christine's cheeks. Christine wrapped her arms around Daphne's body, letting her hands rest upon Daphne's shoulders. As they kissed, Daphne slipped her right leg over Christine right leg. Christine opened her legs up so that Daphne's leg could slip between them. Christine felt Daphne's upper leg pressed against her pussy which was getting very wet. She also could feel Daphne's pussy pressed against her upper thigh and it was as wet as her own. Daphne was kissing her face and lips as she kissed Daphne back. Christine felt her pussy was pulsing as she lay there. She was gripping Daphne's shoulders as they lay there still hardcore russian ******** with only their faces moving. Christine unconsciously began to move her hips thus rubbing her pussy against Daphne's leg. As soon as she started to move russian naturism images her hips, she felt Daphne begin to move her hips. Christine felt her pussy coming alive with the added motion that Daphne had started and she realized that what she had started, Daphne was taking over. Christine loved Daphne even more that she waited for her to start something and thus not pushing her into anything she didn't want to do. Christine let out a moan as she felt her clit getting sensitive from the pressure that Daphne was putting on it. Daphne was moaning soon after making Christine russian boys blow smile. Christine gripped Daphne's shoulders harder as they rubbed against each other. Daphne's juices were coating her thigh and her own juices were leaking out making Daphne's thigh slick. Daphne was still kissing her but soon their lips were barely touching as they russian free porn links began to pant. Christine felt her body begin to shake as she got closer to a climax. She pushed her fingernails into Daphne's back as she moved her hips more. "Oh fuck, I'm about to cum." Christine moaned out. Daphne put her hands on her cheeks holding her head as she said, "Cum for me love." She then pushed her legs down harder as she rained kisses down on her face. "OH goddd..." Christine cried out as she felt her pussy pulse and then her orgasm overwhelmed her. She felt her pussy leak out its girlcum as she went download russian nudists movies stiff and she came hard, harder than she had ever been able to bring on herself. She felt like she was in a whole another world as she lay there vaguely feeling Daphne on top of her. When she got her mind back on earth, she opened up her eyes to see Daphne looking down at her and smiling. She was caressing her face with her fingers. "Oh hell that was wonderful." Christine said with a sigh. "I'm glad that you enjoyed it." Daphne said as she gave her a kiss. "I did but did you?" Christine asked. "Did I have an orgasm too?" Daphne asked. Christine blushed a little as she smiled, "Yes, did you have an orgasm too?" "Is your thigh soaking wet?" Daphne asked her. Christine felt her face russian sex laws go redder as she replied, "Very wet." "Then yes I did have a very nice orgasm, I thinking seeing your face screw up as you came just set me off. I had a very wonderful orgasm but I believe that you had an even more intense one didn't you?" Daphne said as she kissed her lips and then cheeks. "Oh god yes." Christine said. "I didn't push things too much did I?" Daphne asked kindly. "No, I've needed that for a few days now so thank you." Christine told her. "Any time my love." Daphne told her as she kissed her again then she moved her legs to the side. Christine turned to her side facing Daphne and they kissed just using their lips making them more loving kisses than passionate ones. After a few moments, she turned onto her other side so that her back was to Daphne. She backed into Daphne until her butt was against Daphne's lower stomach and Daphne's breasts were pressed against her back. Daphne put her arm around her stomach pulling her in tight and Christine went to sleep feeling safe and snug from harm. They were still in the same position when the alarm went off the next morning. Daphne gave her a few kisses on her cheek before Christine turned over onto her back and she got a real morning kiss from Daphne. "Morning love," Daphne said as she pushed the hair from Christine's eyes. "Morning," Christine replied as she couldn't help but to smile as her mind went back to the evening before and the way that Daphne had made her cum so intensely. "You ready to get to building Rita's house." Daphne asked which ruined Christine's pleasant thoughts that she was thinking. "How about us just laying here in bed all day." Christine said as she smiled brightly at Daphne. "I think you're trying to steal my line there love." Daphne said as she gave Christine a little kiss. "However that won't get the house built. So get your bum out of bed and let's get going." She said as she got up and stood by the bed. Christine looked up at Daphne's naked body and she felt her pussy pulse for a second. She wanted to pull her back down in the bed but she knew she couldn't, "Go ahead and I'll be right behind you." Christine said to her. "Okay," Daphne said, turning and heading toward the bathroom. She stopped just at the bathroom door to say, "You fall back to sleep and I'll come back with a glass of cold water like my nanny used to do." Christine laughed but she also sat up in the bed. She wasn't so sure that Daphne wouldn't go through with her threat. The more she thought about it, the more she figured that Daphne would love for her to go back to sleep just so she could douse her with a glass of cold water. She sat on the edge of the bed and she could see the dried girlcum on her thigh and in her pubic hair and it made her smile. The thoughts of her night with Daphne came flooding back and she began to feel horny, something that was unusual for her. But it was a nice feeling to have however now wasn't the time to be having those thoughts or desires. So she got up, going to her clothes to get a bra and shirt. She put them both on then grabbed a pair of panties holding off on putting them on until she had time to clean up a bit. It wasn't long before Daphne came strolling out of the bathroom looking beautiful. "It's all yours love." Daphne said as she came over to her giving her a kiss. "Have I ever told you how beautiful I think you are?" Christine said breathlessly after the kiss ended. Christine saw Daphne blushing as she replied, "No but it's nice to hear." Then she kissed her again, this time more passionately as she pulled her in close. "And you're beautiful too love." She said as this kiss ended. "Thank you," Christine told her as she pulled away. She then headed toward the bathroom as the call of nature wasn't going to be put off any longer. When she came out, russian nudist camps Daphne russian pubescent nude was fully dressed and she helped Christine to get dressed and they were out the door. They met up with the rest of the crew at the diner where Bud went over what they were going to do that day. Christine and Daphne got the job of putting down the hardwood tile in the entire house starting with the bedrooms. Christine gave Daphne a worried look and she saw that Daphne was just as worried. "Don't worry, it's not that hard. I'll help you get started." Wanda leaned over and whispered to them. "But the floors are so important and we don't want to fuck them up." Christine said a little louder than she meant to. "Is there a problem?" Bud then asked. "No sir, we just don't want to mess up Rita's floors." Daphne told him. "I can put someone else on it, if you don't think you're up to it." Bud said in a challenging voice. "No we can do it and make it look perfect." Daphne told him not about to let him put them down in front of everyone. "What about you?" He asked russian forbidden pics looking directly at Christine trying to back her down but she wasn't going to let him do that either. russian body building "No Bud, we can do just fine putting the floor down." Christine told him in a strong voice that sounded stronger than she felt. "You had better show us well." Christine then whispered to Wanda. "I will, don't worry." Wanda said with a reassuring smile. When they got to the house, Wanda had them sweep and then vacuum up all the dust getting the floor ready to put the tile down. Then they went with her to get the glue and the tiles. Wanda showed them how the tiles went together and how to cut them if need be. The glue was fast drying so they had to have a game plan before they began to put it down. She helped them to lay out the tiles and showed how the pattern went and thus how to make sure that they got them put together right. She then started to put the first one down for them but Daphne stopped her. She wanted them to do it and then Wanda could step in if they started to do something wrong. Wanda liked this response and she stepped back to watch. Daphne and Christine decided they would start off with her putting the glue down and Christine placing them down. Daphne put too much glue down the first time and Wanda corrected her then she put too little. However after the first few tiles had been put down, Wanda stopped talking and just watched them. Christine felt the sweat begin to coat her body as the house was warm and she was concentrating so hard. After they got the first ones done, Christine looked up to see that Wanda wasn't there anymore. This made her feel good as they were obviously doing it right. They worked all morning on just this small bedroom being very careful not to make a mistake. The second small bedroom went faster as they felt more confident about what they were doing. By lunch, they were into the master bedroom and feeling good about what russian underground they were doing. When Bud came in to check on them, he didn't yell at they so they figured that he approved and that was as close to a compliment that they would ever get from him. They russian naked preten girls got the bedrooms done and were working on the hallways by the end of the day. They felt good about what they had done and Wanda said that it looked good. However they got their best compliment when Rita stopped by with her girls and absolutely loved the tiles. This made them feel great and they were beaming when they left to go to the diner. However they knew that they had the rest of the house to do, so they had plenty of chances to screw up. "So you want to shower fri..." Christine was just russian boy nudist saying when she found herself pulled against Daphne with Daphne's lips plastered against her lips. Christine wrapped her arms around her kissing her back with equal passion. Christine could taste the sweat on Daphne's lips and she liked it. She opened her lips as Daphne did and their tongues played within Daphne's mouth. Christine felt herself moan as she hugged Daphne tightly. They kissed until they were both out of breath then Daphne pulled back but still held onto Christine. "God I've wanted to do that all day." Daphne said and before Christine could answer her she said, "And to answer your question, no I don't want to shower first, I want to shower with you." Christine looked into Daphne's eyes and she could easily see what answer that she wanted. Christine didn't say a word however her actions answered Daphne's question. She kissed Daphne's lips lightly then she pulled back from her, taking Daphne by the extreme porn russian hand, and leading her into the bathroom. She turned on the water in the shower before turning toward Daphne who had already begun to undress. Christine put her hands to her shirt pulling it off. She noticed that her hands weren't shaking this time showing that she wasn't as nervous as she undressed in front of Daphne as she had been before and she knew that meant something. She was still just as excited about seeing Daphne naked and that also meant something. She watched as more of nude russian galleries Daphne's body was revealed and she could feel her pussy getting moist. Once they were both naked, Christine turned to adjust the hot and cold water so that the water would be a comfortable. As she was bent forward, she felt Daphne's hand on her right ass cheek. It rested there for a moment and russian blow Christine stayed still and when she didn't protest, she felt Daphne's hand move around her ass. She bit her lower lip to keep from moaning but she could feel her pussy getting wetter and she knew that Daphne could smell her aroused scent. Christine stayed there a moment more before straightening up and the hand left her ass. Christine turned to face Daphne who had a grin on her face. Christine kissed her lightly before pulling her into the shower and then under the spray of the warm water. They kissed as the water began to wash the days russian rugh sex sweat from their bodies. After kissing for a few minutes, Christine washed Daphne's hair and then Daphne washed hers. Once Christine had finished rinsing her hair, she stepped from the spray of the water and she saw that Daphne was holding the bottle of body wash. She put a little into the palm of Christine's hand. Christine thought about what to do, whether to wash her own body or to start to wash Daphne's russian lollita boys body. She wanted to touch Daphne's body and she almost reached out naked russian boy pics to her but then she retracted her hand and started to wash her own body. She saw Daphne's face turn into a frown but it was for only a split second before she began to smile again. Christine hated that she had chickened out but she couldn't take it back now as much as she wanted to. Even though she didn't get to feel Daphne's body with her hands that didn't mean she didn't get to blowjob by russian girls feel her at all. Since she had stepped away from the spray of the water, she was forced to stand next to Daphne. So they were brushing up against each other often and she felt Daphne's breasts, hips, and ass rubbing against her as they moved around the shower. She loved the contact and she could tell that Daphne was ensuring that their bodies made lots of contact not that she minded in the least. And while Daphne was rinsing, Christine pushed in against her acting like that she was just trying to rinse herself off. This led to lots of kissing and caressing as they both rinsed off. Once they had dried and put some lotion on, Daphne took her hand leading out of the bathroom. "Lie down and I'll give you a massage." She told her. Christine started to say that it was Daphne's turn to get a massage first however she looked up into Daphne's eyes and she saw something there that made her say, "That sounds nice." "Now lie down and let me get my expert hands on those muscles." Daphne told her with a smile. Normally Christine would have a quip but tonight, she didn't have one. Her mind was on Daphne and how her hands would feel on her body. Her whole body was tingling as she lay down on the bed and rolled upon her stomach. She felt Daphne climb upon the bed and then over her. As Daphne sat upon her ass, the first thing that Christine noticed was the feel of Daphne's pubic hair against her ass. She also noticed that there was moisture within that hair. Christine's own pussy began to get moist and her body shivered. Her mind was so absorbed with the top free russian feel of Daphne's pussy on her ass that she jerked when Daphne's hands touched her shoulders. She forced herself to relax as Daphne's hands started to work her shoulders. With the sexual tension she was feeling, she hadn't realized how sore her shoulders were from putting those tiles down all day. She let out a contented sigh as Daphne's hands worked her muscles getting them to loosened up. Daphne worked her way down her back making Christine relaxed more. She began to get sleepy but a part of her mind was on that moist part of both hers and Daphne's body. Daphne slipped down Christine's body as her ass settled on her thighs and Christine lost contact with Daphne's pussy however she could begin to smell her arousal. Daphne's hands got down to her ass then skipped over it. Christine was slightly disappointed but then she felt Daphne move down russian girls for sex to her feet. She massaged her right foot and then the left one. She worked her way up her left calf until she got to her knee. She switched over to the right calf and worked on upward until she got to her upper thigh. Christine held her breath as Daphne's fingers got near her pussy but she stopped there. Daphne's hands went over to her left thigh working the muscles going slowly upward until her fingers were all so close to that sensitive area. She felt Daphne moving around again and she figured that she was going to go back to her shoulders to finish her off but Daphne's didn't. She moved her legs out and Christine could feel her pussy opening some. Then Daphne slipped between her legs preventing her from closing her legs if she fat russian girls fingering had wanted to which at the moment she didn't. Christine had to wait a moment before she felt Daphne's hand on her ass cheeks. They began to massage those cheeks but that massage became more caresses and she felt Daphne squeezing her cheeks and met art russian pulling them apart. Christine bit the lower lip to keep from moaning aloud. Those hands moved lower and lower on her ass cheeks. Christine felt Daphne's thumbs slip between her legs. They moved to each side of her pussy just moving lightly up and down but not touching her pussy lips. Christine felt her pussy leaking its juices and she knew that Daphne was taking her to the next level but Daphne wouldn't go any further until she gave her permission to do so. Christine gave her that permission by letting out a moan and brought her knees up slightly thus raising her hips off the bed by a fraction. Daphne's thumbs left the area around her pussy and Christine was disappointed but for a moment. Christine realized there was just one hand on her ass and it was softy caressing her ass cheeks. Christine then felt fingers lightly touching the bottom of her pussy lips, the first fingers other than her own to touch her there sexually. Christine let out another moan as those fingers slowly moved up her pussy. Christine raised her hips off the bed a little more as she opened her legs wider. As the fingers touched her clit, she felt a wave of pleasure wash through her body as a small orgasm overcame her. When she came around, the fingers were still lightly touching her clit and as she moved, she felt them move down to her pussy lips where they began to caress her there. Christine let out a long low moan as she shivered from the intimate contact of Daphne's fingers. The fingers caressed her pussy lips just touching the outside as she got wetter and wetter. Christine had trouble staying still and it got even harder to do so as she felt a finger go between her lips. "Oh fuck..." Christine moaned out. The finger went up and down her pussy as it slipped a little deeper. Daphne's other hand was still caressing her ass cheeks and that felt good too. The finger went up and down her slit as the other fingers went along the outside of her pussy. Christine moaned and moaned as she moved her hip